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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NEW RELEASE: The Last Enemy of Christ - by CW Steinle


This book is destined to change the way Christians view end-times prophecy.  Instead of just trying to recognize the order of end-time events mentioned in Paul's Epistles, this work seeks to locate the Old Testament framework upon which Paul's observations hang.  Time and again the Apostle Paul states detailed information about the sequence of end-times events.  Because Paul was, in his own words, a Pharisee of Pharisees: he would have been schooled in the intricacies O.T. prophecy.  Paul's precision explanations of the End are not illusive; rather, they find a firm basis in a few obvious Old Testament citations.

Paul's acute knowledge of the End appears to be based on three key sections of the Old Testament.  These ancient prophecies reveal a hypothetical framework that is capable of supporting Paul's many references to the Lord's second coming and the end of the age.  After reviewing the foundational scriptures, the framework is put to the test by examining Paul's Epistles. The resulting conclusions are proved to be consistent with Paul's writings. 

The fact that death will be Christ's last enemy is the kingpin of Paul's eschatology.  The second postulate of Paul's chronology is based on the definite duration associated with Christ's term at the right hand of power, namely - "Until Your enemies are made Your footstool".   Other fundamental facts are pieced together to form a sequential structure that agrees with Paul's time line.

As more baby-boomer Christians approach the end of their lives, the assurance of a resurrection from the dead will become an increasing source of comfort.  Now it is time to revisit Paul's counsel to recognized the true object of God's comfort.  CW Steinle sets aside the canned views on eschatology and examines just what the Bible clearly declares.  Anyone interested in end-times prophecy will be rewarded by reading this little book.

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