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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sealing Revelation - the Great Wager

Pascal's Wager
Blaise Pascal, a mathematician and philosopher during the seventeenth century, proposed that a reasonable person would choose to believe in God.  He argued that if God did not exist, and one believed in Him anyway, the believer would still end up living an honorable life even if there were no eternal reward.  Pascal's alternative point was that if God does exist, and one lived their life denying God and living out an ungodly lifestyle, they would have lived a miserable and selfish life.  The conclusion is that one might as well wager that God exists and receive the immediate and eternal blessings, instead of denying God and then facing eternal condemnation if God is real indeed.

Another great wager is on the table
The Book of Revelation may be interpreted as sealed prophecy - inapplicable until a future time or event;
or, Revelation may be interpreted as live and active prophecy which demands continual review in order to identify possible fulfillment at any moment.

What are the risks associated with this wager?
On my part - if my interpretation of Revelation anticipates the destruction of Mystery Babylon before the resurrection of the dead and the following rapture (1st Thess 4); and, if I am wrong, then some might flee from a wicked nation unnecessarily in obedience to the command, "Come out of her, My people" (Rev 18:4)

On the other hand - if people are taught to expect the resurrection of the dead and subsequent rapture prior to the plagues, persecutions and trials of Revelation; then might some of these people be stumbled if tribulations like the ones foretold in Revelation began to occur while the Church is still on the earth?  Might a dozen little ones be stumbled?  A thousand.  Tens of Thousands?  And, what is the great benefit to those who have been so taught.  If a rapture came upon them completely unexpectedly ( due to a lack in instruction) how would they have been damaged by their prior ignorance of that event?

The consequences of this wager are staggering indeed.  How will you respond to the instruction:
"Do not seal the words of the prophecies of this book" (Rev. 22:10)