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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keep an eye on Brussels

Latest word from the Lord on End-Times Watch

Several weeks ago the Lord spoke "Brussels" to me in prayer.

About 20 years ago the Lord gave me a vision of the EU flag.  I knew it was a flag that I saw and I drew a picture of it and shared it with some people.  It turned out to be the EU flag.  I just noticed the flag when I was searching for Brussels.

I have been waiting for the Lord to reveal what is going to happen in Brussels.  I am certain it will be linked to the beginning of the end.  I expect that Brussels will be targeted just as New York was.  It will probably be the European Quarter, where NATO and the EU buildings are.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Release: Words that Split the Rocks

New Release: "Words that Split the Rocks" by C.W. Steinle

"Words that Split the Rocks" : 'Sketches from a Prophetic Life' is a collection of miracles from the journals of C.W. Steinle. This work is assembled to showcase the supernatural workings of God and is not intended to present a complete autobiography of the author. A secondary thread of end-times prophecy is woven into these amazing but true stories.

From the time of the Sadducees a battle has raged between conservative theology and inspired prophecy. Religious policy makers seem determined to regulate the actions of the living, uncontainable God.

God began revealing unexplainable knowledge to CW during his Childhood. These sketches document a lifelong journey in hearing and following the voice of the Lord. The stories are briefly but colorfully presented. Enough background and detail is included so that the reader can easily visualize these real life experiences. The book achieves its two main objectives: to overwhelmingly demonstrate the power of God, and to boldly challenge the reader to respond.

Available in paperback at:

Ebook available at Kindle:

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Words that Split the Rocks

Soon to be released: Words That Split the Rocks - Sketches from a Prophetic Life by C.W. Steinle

“Is not My
word like a fire?” says the
“And like a hammer
that breaks the rock in pieces?   
Jeremiah 23:29
Soon to be released. WORDS THAT SPLIT THE ROCKS - Sketches from a Prophetic life.
This work is a compilation of a lifetime of supernatural revelations.
These factual
experiences will strengthen faith in God and make an unforgettable impact on the
Look for distribution at Amazon Kindle by September 10, 2012.