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Monday, August 3, 2015

C.W. Steinle Phoenix author event, August 29th book reading, signing, and discussion

Join me at Crossroads Books and Coffee in Peoria, Arizona, 11:00 AM, Saturday, August 29th at Crossroads Books and Coffee

9069 W. Olive Avenue #105
Peoria, AZ 85345

Phone: 623-486-0313 

Meet the author and hear the latest updates on end times analysis that can really make a difference in how the Christian life is lived during these last days.

This will be a fun time for people in greater Phoenix area who have been looking for an opportunity to meet and hear C.W. Steinle (Pastor Chris) in person.

The focus of this session will be readings from my latest book, Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness.

Have you been looking for someone who has the answers?
Get the answers to important questions like:
How did Christians lose control of America?
How do government, politics, and religion relate?
Are there really sinister forces and conspiracies behind the current rise of evil?
Is there a philosophy or religion behind socialistic humanism?
Will this age go on for millions of years before the Lord's return?
How can Christians find peace and strength, even as the Church comes under pressure?

These and many more topics are discussed in Dark Freedom and will be expounded on Saturday, August 29th at Crossroads Books and Coffee.  Come and get a good earful while enjoying some great coffee. Mark your calendar and be sure to let others know about this event.
See you there,
C.W. Steinle

C W Steinle - Overcome with the Son - 1stJohn5:5
Author of Come Out of Her My People & new release:Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western